Tuesday, July 1, 2008

English Conversation : Return

Return Merchandise

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Example 1
You : I'd like to return this CD player.
Seller : Is there something wrong with it?
You : It's not compatible with my stereo system.
Seller : Can I have a receipt?
You : Here you go.

Example 2
You : Can I return this CD player?
Seller : Sorry. We don't have the policy to accept any returning merchandise.

Example 3
You : Can I exchange this CD player for something else?
Seller : What's wrong with it?
You : I don't know. It doesn't work well to me.
Seller : You' ve got the receipt with you?
You : Yes. Here

Learning Part
Compatible = Be able to use/ harmonize with the current ones
Merchandise = Product bought and sold in business

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